Civil & Family Law

Civil Law Representation

Civil law representation from our, lawyers protects your rights when facing a real estate issue, trying to prove legal malpractice, or dealing with another issue. At the Law Office of John Carroll Boudreaux, we understand the complex legal issues that can arise when contracts are broken and legal duties are breached. Let our law office guide you through this difficult area with expert legal advice and experienced representation.

Real Estate Contracts

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We have 25 years of experience defending and prosecuting cases in real estate, contract, and commercial law. When you are dealing with legal matters regarding your home, property, or business, you should depend on our law office to protect your rights and guide you through your case.

Legal Malpractice Representation

When your legal rights have been violated, the most prudent course of action would seem to be to hire an attorney. But, what do you do when your attorney fails you, misses the statute of limitations, or fails to properly prepare?

If he or she bills you anyway without providing proper representation, hire us to represent you in a legal malpractice case. We protect the rights of individuals who have been the victims of improper conduct by other lawyers, including legal negligence and breach of fiduciary duty. 

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